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Plant Care: ZZ Plant

If just like me, you find Zamioculcas zamiifolia a little mouthful and difficult to pronounce then henceforth we will call this darling the ZZ Plant (pronounced zee-zee). Native to the Eastern African region, the ZZ can grow happily in the widest range of conditions. The plant is so cool that it is almost unreal and guests would be touching it to just make sure.

The plant grows in the shape of wands arching out of the soil, with shiny leaves arranged along the length. The leaves start out lighter green in colour and then progress to a darker more emerald green,  earning it the name Zanzibar Gem. The ZZ is an excellent plant of choice for people with a brown thumb or are just starting out, it’s the easiest plant you could ever have and it is also an excellent air purifier.

Let’s take a look at the care tips and learn how to make the ZZ become the centrepiece in your home.

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