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The best flowering plants for Indian homes

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The earth laughs in flowers” and it can’t get any truer than that. Flowers area perfect blend of beauty with function, one of nature’s true masterstrokes. While they serve their own, very important, function in nature from the point of view of reproduction, our affinity and attraction to flowers cannot be overlooked.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors noticed that flowers gave rise to fruits which could be eaten. This led them to believe that flowers signalled an anticipated harvest and made flowers instantly attractive to them and spoke to them on the level of survival, an instinct that we seem to have inherited. Many modern cultures consider flowers to be attractive and it is known that scholars have been fascinated with flowers for millennia, either for their beauty or their function. Flowers not only form the crux of our food cycle and lend beauty to our arts, but they are also a major part of all social and religious celebration across the cycle of societal evolution. From joyous celebrations, to festivals, to death – flowers find a place everywhere and trust me there is one for every occasion.

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